Friday Music Round Up

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It’s officially summer in both weather and celestial positioning. It’s time to purposefully not do my work and take long deep dives into Soundcloud/Spotify/music blogs to find the bumpingest tunes to blare out of my bluetooth speaker at weekend deck parties. Here are 4 tracks I can’t get out of my earbuds. -BD
Starting off with the newest release from Mau5trap producer ATTLAS. This dude has serious chops. Put on your overpriced wayfarers and vibe out.

Note: If you have a spare 52 minutes, I would highly recommend his Storyline: Vol 1 masterpiece.

Hundred Waters – Show Me Love feat. Chance the Rapper (Skrillex Remix)
This is such a nice warm, relaxing hammock nap of a song. Who knew Skrill had it in him.

Chance the Rapper – No Problem
It’s truly the year of Chance. Lil Chano from 79th can do no wrong.

CRNKN – Still feat. Jhene Aiko
Finally, here is a classic from 2014 from one of my favorite lesser known producers CRNKN featuring perfect angel of a woman with the voice of a goddess Jhene Aiko.

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