Friday Music Round Up – 7/8/16

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Happy Friday. Here’s some newly discovered music to pick through.

Schoolboy Q – THat Part (Black Hippy Remix)
Today we’ve been graced with Schoolboy Q’s new album Blank Face LP, which is definitely worth a listen. Yesterday, in the lead up to the album release, Q released a Black Hippy remix of his beast of a track, THat Part, complete with a signature capitalized H. Let this Kanye-less version soak in with excellent verses from Jay Rock, Kdot, and Ab-Soul. Okay okay!

Also let’s not forget Q’s peak level troll job in convincing some of us that this was going to be the official album artwork of the LP.

Zeds Dead – Back Home (feat. Freddie Gibbs)
This doesn’t quite qualify as new per se, but fuck it, this is my goddamn blog and this song is dope. ZD is probably my favorite electronic act and have been for a while. To pair them with sentient word machine gun, Freddie Gibbs, is an absolute DREAM for me. Gangsta Gibbs’ delivery inlays perfectly with this more muted and laid back trap beat from DC & Hooks.

Matt Lange – You’ll Remember Me (ATTLAS Remix)
Hold please, I will now be going full electronic with this excellently dark, driving, and grimy remix of Matt Lange’s track You’ll Remember Me courtesy of fellow mau5trap artist ATTLAS from Lange’s Ephemera EP.

This is where I give you a song you may not have ever heard, which is sometimes possible despite seemingly all catchy, dope songs rising to the top of the blogosphere.
You probably know him from his now gilded track with Kendrick Lamar “Classic Man,” but prior to the commercial success of that track, I became aware of Jidenna for his live performance of a track called Long Live the Chief on the VEVOdscvr series. After several painstaking months an official studio version finally emerged at the end of last year. “Now they say Jidenna, why you dressin’ so classic? I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket.”

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