Friday Music Roundup: 7/15/16

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It’s hot as balls outside. So hot that I wear a t-shirt to make the walk to work in the morning and then switch to a polo for the work day. I don’t really know why I’m telling you this. It literally has no bearing on this post in any way, shape, or form whatsoever no how at all.

Here are some dope tracks I found this week to play in the safety of your air conditioned apartments this weekend.

Oshi – Dahlia
This kid can’t even vote yet, but that doesn’t stop him from making some really progressive and interesting trappy, high hat-heavy bass music.

Bas – Housewives (Remix)
Here’s the official remix of one of the strongest tracks from Bas’s project Too High to Riot. It comes complete with an Ab-Soul verse and some new bars from Bas himself. So glad I get to revisit this record.

STFU – Find That Girl
Not much to say. Discovered this on a SC deep dive. Classic future bass sound. In the words of my good friend Dustin Platter, “It’s lit Fam!”

Jerry Folk x ELOZ – You Know
Jerry is dope. I will at least give a listen to anything he puts out ever since he laid waste to that ZZ Ward track 365 Days song a few years ago.

I will ❤ literally anything on Soundcloud if it has a Biggie sample. And I will ESPECIALLY ❤ it if it it’s over a tech house track. Really solid stuff from these cats. Soundcloud only had a 3 minutes snippet so here is the full track on Youtube.

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