Gucci’s Back!

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In 2013 our trap lord and savior Gucci Mane was taken away from us. He went to jail noticeably overweight and clearly addicted to lean. Fast forward to 2016 and we’re graced with the triumphant return of a sober and a noticeably jacked Gucci Mane. It was only three years, but it felt like 10. So glad to have you back, Radric.

The rap landscape has changed a great deal in the three years he’s been gone.  While Gucci did drop several projects during his incarceration, which is a savvy move by his management team, the content he released did not have the same cultural influence of his other work.  The Gucci-less vacuum of unintelligible and seemingly nonsensical rap lyrics was gleefully filled by Rich Homie Quan, Young Thug, and Desiigner among others.The mantle was temporarily passed, but now the prince that was promised has returned for his crown and I am so happy about it.

On his first day out of prison, he dropped the aptly named “First Day Out the Feds.” The new album Everybody Looking soon followed and it felt as if Gucci had never left.

“I can’t even sleep I got so much to say/ Recovering drug addict, I used to smoke a pound a day”

Often times when an artist faces legal trouble or must serve time for their alleged transgressions, their hubris (cough cough Wayne) wins out and they make every effort to maintain their habits even if it’s all for show (shouts to the lighter flicks on Sorry 4 The Wait).  Blame is laid on everyone except for the person who may (or may not) be at fault. Rarely do we witness famous rappers make healthy lifestyle changes and talk about it openly. Shout out to all my pears. Especially in a culture where anything that might be considered a weakness is exploited and vilified.

It’s refreshing to hear a person with as much celebrity and cultural weight as  Gucci be so open and honest about his struggles with the life of fame and the darkness of addiction.  I can’t think of a single Gucci contemporary who has dealt with drug use and said “I AM A RECOVERING DRUG ADDICT” not only in the first song of his first mixtape after prison, but in multiple interviews.  Please find me another rapper with that much self awareness. You can’t.

I have loved Gucci Mane The Artist like he’s a family member. Now I love Gucci Mane The Person just as much. I wish him only the best in his new life and hopefully some of his peers can kick their own habits, stop having seizures, and get healthy, too.


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