Friday Music Roundup – NOTORIOUS Edition: 8/5/16

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After doing last week’s special trap edition of the Bakery Music Roundup I had an inspiration for this week’s collection of songs. And because of that inspiration there might be a few repeats from last week. It’s all good though, because those songs are good so it’s okay to listen to them again.

Let’s set the stage by making it clear that the Notorious BIG is the best rapper that ever was. He’s been gone almost 20 years and still no one has come close to matching his combination of content, delivery, flow, and cadence. The man was only able to grace us with two albums before his early demise (some people call that third album the real deal, but it was a money grab plain and simple). Thus, we’re left with a short, yet potent discography that has been poured and picked over in the two decades since his passing.

From that has come a great deal of sampling and homaging in the rap community. Artists from Jay Z to Pusha T to A$AP Rocky have lifted BIG’s lines and incorporated them into their songs. A quick search on the incredibly dope site  brings back over 1300 instances of artists sampling Biggie in some form or another.  That’s absolutely insane. For an artist who only had two official album releases – one during his short life on earth, the other posthumously – that is a staggering number. And that’s just one site looking at just hip hop.   The dude’s influence on the genre and music in general is unquestionable.  But this post isn’t about BIG’s influence on hip hop. In fact rap is not the only genre that appreciates and glorifies BIG.

Electronic dance music has also cultivated an affinity for the man from Do Or Die Bed-Stuy.  Since I got into the genre several years ago I always smile when I catch a BIG sample thrown into a song. It keeps his memory alive and is a nice alternative to going back and relistening to Ready to Die for the 10,000th time.

Below is a collection of Biggie-centric electronic tracks that I’ve come across over the years. Yes, there are countless more (they mostly aren’t good) but these are the ones that have stuck with me.

Bro Safari – Scumbag

Posted this last week. Bro Safari samples one of the darkest lines from one of Biggie’s darkest tracks Suicidal Thoughts.

MALAA – Notorious

The masked mystery man known as MALAA sheds Going Back to Cali‘s groovy West coast vibe for a dark trap-influenced house beat. FAVE.

Dr. Fresch – On and On

Tony Fresch lifts the iconic “don’t take them to the crib unless they bonin'” line from Nasty Boy, and puts his own festival flavor on it “rock this crowd until the morning.”

lux.impala – Frontin’

Sometimes it only takes a three word sample to make a song. These three come from Party & Bullshit.

Savoy – Teknotize

An absolute MENACE of a track. Savoy lift several elements from Hypnotize off of Life After Death.

Matoma – Old Thing Back

Matoma snags some lyrics from One More Chance. I’d say this is probably the most famous of any EDM song that has sampled Biggie in the last few years. RIP trop house though.

Bro Safari x UFO! – Burn the Block (Gents & Jawns)

This is the Gents & Jawns remix of  powerful Bro Safari & UFO! Collab from 2014. Also enjoyable and still has the short Biggie sample from Sky’s The Limit.

Dr. Fresch – Juicy Diner

This is the second Dr. Fresch track on the list. Here he’s mashed up Juicy and Suzanne Vega’s “Tom Diner.”

Amtrac – Those Days

A pounding house track sampling Everyday Struggle. Dope.

GameFace x AnuBeatz – Totes

The classic line from Dead Wrong drones over this minimalist trap beat.


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