Mixtape Mondays

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Here at The Bakery we like to boast an expansive repertoire of rap and hip-hop music knowledge. I’m talking stuff from the early 90’s all the way to current day. In the past, we’ve compiled a little playlist based on some of our favorite tracks that took us through countless pre-game warm-ups and rides to and from bumfuck West Virginia during our illustrious basketball careers. It was a fucking hit. See below:

That’s how I know we know what we’re doing. Now, we’re bringing a (hopefully) weekly bit that gives your a look at some of the great mixtapes that have hit pavement over the years.

We’re going to kick off Mixtape Mondays with a throwback version. A few picks from Brooks and I that we consider to be some of the most [fire emjoi] of all time. Hopefully, if the industry purveys, we’ll be able to continue the trend throughout the year in at least a biweekly or monthly capacity. [Click images for links]

D’s Picks

A$AP Rocky – LiveLoveA$AP (2011)

Maaan, this is the mixtape that got me hooked on Young Pretty Flacko Jodye. Dude catches a lot of flack for having a southern swag despite being from NY, but that doesn’t even phase me. There are so many bangers on this tape I won’t bother to name ’em all. Among my favorites are Peso, Brand New Guy feat. Schoolboy Q, and Trilla feat. A$AP gang’s own Nast and Twelvy. Big fan of the way Rocky brought fashion into rap, much the same way Kanye did and always sticking to his own style. This was just the beginning for the jiggy nigga with the gold links.

Meek Mill – Dreamchasers 2 (2012)

I’ll grant you that Meek has been the center of a lot of animosity as a result of that failed beef with Drake, and I’ll admit he got destroyed, but before that the Philly native was on his shit. Dude brought Philly and riding dirtbikes in the street to the forefront the way nobody before him has done it. A particular favorite on this joint is the intro, where you can here an excerpt from Mike Tyson’s interview after TKO-ing Lou Savarese in 38 seconds. “I’m the best ever. I’m the most brutal, vicious, and most ruthless champion there’s ever been. There’s no one can stop me.” I love that shit. A bunch of hits on this one too, including Burn w/ Big Sean and A1 Everything w/ Kendrick.

Brooks’s Pick

Lil Wayne – Da Drought 3 (2007)

da_drought_3_coverWeezy is notoriously prolific. The sheer volume of projects he’s released in his career is pretty staggering, but there’s no doubt that the third installment of the Drought series is one of his best. Wayne takes 90+ minutes to lay waste to almost 30 beats.  This thing still holds up almost 10 years later. Black Republicans feat. Juelz Santana, Ride 4 My Niggas, Dough Is What I Got, and King Kong are just a few of the stand outs on this project.

The Cool Kids – The Bake Sale (2008)

the_cool_kids_the_bake_saleThe official mixtape debut from the Chicago duo is a top 5 hip-hop project of all time for me. Every single one of the ten efficient tracks bangs with Chuck’s minimalist style and vintage 808 claps. Both Mike and Chuck’s exuberant and braggadocios rhymes are infectious. They don’t rap about their guns or their drug habits, they instead rap about their haircuts and Huffys.  Literally every single track is great, but if I had to choose I would pick Black Mags, Gold and a Pager, and Mikey Rocks as must listens.


So there you have it. Our first official Mixtape Monday is in the books.  For future entries we’ll focus on artist and era-specific releases, and some more recent projects and artists/collectives/imprints among other things. Keep an eye out for those. We’ll also discuss some of these classics on a hip hop-centric podcast in the near future.

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