The Bakery Podcast Episode 6: 8/26/16

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After some technical difficulties (i.e. Brooks deleting the first pod #6 on Friday morning and not being about to recover it, because Apple doesn’t allow you to undo such foolish mistakes) we’re back with our sixth episode of the podcast. Dustin and I discuss the first two weeks of the English Premier League season as well as a look forward to this weekend’s fixtures. We also draw 10 EPL teams each for a season-long points challenge (Dustin picked Hull – what an idiot). Finally we briefly touch on the opening weekends of La Liga and Bundesliga and discuss Champions League group drawings.

After this weekend the Prem won’t be back until after Labor Day so our soccer talk will be scant. We’re throwing around ideas for a TV pod, an NFL preview, and even a Harry Potter themed pod so don’t go anywhere.

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