Friday Music Roundup: 9/2/16

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This was a wild week in the football world. On Wednesday, during the EPL transfer deadline, I sat at my desk, earbuds jammed into my earholes with Tweetdeck constantly refreshing for any shred of news. For 8 hours I was blasting music to force out any and all non-football distractions. Here a few highlights from that marathon.


Porter Robinson & Madeon – Shelter

Three weeks ago, when this song was released, I told Dustin that upon first listen I didn’t like it. I’ll admit it. I. Didn’t. Like it. I’m sorry for that now. I regret ever saying it. This song is great. It really it. It’s the perfect love child of a song. Exactly what you would expect a collaboration would sound like between these two beautiful young men.

Just A Gent – The End

First and foremost this dude is 19! A suave Australian with a style that I have a hard time comparing to anyone else out there currently. Here’s his newest track, released last week.

Drivvin – Cold Summer

The first few notes made me think I was about to hear a cover of Cold As Ice by Foreigner (I wish it was). I’ve never heard of Drivvin, nor do I know anything about him or her, but this track is dope nonetheless.

MACE & Bye Bae – My Skin

Ran across this totally by accident. Part trap rattle, part steel drum luau, the duo of MACE and Bye Bae have put together a viciously catchy vibe just in time to enjoy the final dregs of summer.

Caspa x Rusko – Cheese

First and foremost, if you like dubstep and haven’t heard the Caspa remix of Rusko’s Cockney Thug then do yourself a favor and remedy that at your next possible convenience (RIGHT NOW). Now that’s out of the way, here’s a new collaborative effort from the pair. This has a more drum and base vibe than anything, but greatness is never defined by a single genre. These dudes are the Underwoods of UK bass music.

Bronze Whale – Van Gogh feat. Jon Von Letscher

Lastly, I give you a song I dug up many moons ago, but completely lost track of somehow. It also has a bit of a DnB breakdown throughout, which to be honest isn’t my favorite style, but in the right form it really has an effect on me.


Next week we’ll be back with a new Mixtape Monday as well as a special edition of Friday Music Roundup that will exclusively focus on a favorite artist of mine. Until then boys and girls.


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