Manchester Derby (sort of) Live Blog

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Good morning! We don’t have a liveblogging feature up and running quite yet so in the meantime we’ll just follow along minute by minute and post the full commentary after the final whistle. I think Dustin’s still asleep, so I’ll get started and once he rises he can jump in.


1’ – And we’re off!

4’ – Man C cross – Silva. Cleared easily by ManU. MC aggressive early.

7’ – Man C turnover – Phenomenal long pass by Rooney to Mkhtaryen to set up a bending shot from Pogba just outside the box – Just wide. What a shot by him. PP has serious power with that right foot.

9’ – Set piece from MC. The shot goes over the bar. Missed chance there by Kolarov.

MC dominating possession 70-30, though both teams have just 1 shot a piece thus far.

  • Both teams have won their first three fixtures this year and hope to gain the full complement of 12 points after this one is all said and done. Also bragging rights

15’ – De Bruyne scores! Bravo with passes out of the back to Kolarov whose long pass was flicked on perfectly by the head of Iheanacho and slotted into the back of the net easily by KDB. Absolutely devastating counter attack there for MC. MU had no chance. Lightning quick flow of play and MC is 1-0 up.

22’ – Another set piece by MC. Headed out easily.

  • MC is dominating the entire pitch. MU are on the back foot. Rooney and Pep get into a little scuffle on a throw in hahahaha.

24’ – Mourinho is NOT happy. Bringing on Rashford as a sub??? But for who? Certainly not Zlatan. Maybe Lingard?

  • Who told Fellaini, a. to grow that jheri curl in the first place and b. to then dye it orange? You aren’t doing yourself any favors man.

30’ – Half an hour gone in this Derby and it seems only one team showed up to play. City can do no wrong. MU is on the back foot – no clean shots, 3 fouls already, very little fluid possession, no build up.

  • Commentator: “At halftime I wish I was in that locker room because I believe Mourinho is going to start throwing some tea cups around.” I’d love to see that.

34’ – Fellaini has been very physical on his mark thus far. I like what I’ve seen from him – sans afro. Everyone else? Much is to be desired in the second 45.

36’ – KDB off the post! Iheanacho is onside and unmarked and pokes it into the back of the net – GOAL!. Unbelievable. 2-0 to MC. This could easily get out of hand for MU if they aren’t careful.

42’ – GOAL! I spoke too soon. Just like that MU is back in the Derby. What a finish by Zlatan. Bravo punches out a long cross into the box, but can’t corral it. Leading to the most Zlatan goal of all time – karate-like volley past Bravo. No doubter. 2-1 to MC.  What a let down for MC to completely dominate the pitch for the entire half and let in a goal just before the whistle.

44’ – MU on the front foot. Rooney cross to Zlat for a header! Saved by Bravo.

45’ – Whistle sounds for HT



Score: Manchester City – 2     Manchester United – 1

B – What a fantastic first half of the biggest game of the year thus far. Man City clearly the better team. Dominating possession. Fluidity, cohesion between all three levels. Several great shots that could have put this game out of reach. But to MUs credit they held on and got a goal from none other than the Z-Ibra to keep them in it. Sets up what will be a crazy second half. Strap in.

Start of 2nd Half

46’ – Sub Alert – Rashford and Herrera on the wings for Lingard and Mkhtaryen.

47’ – Rashford with a CRAZY flick. Zlat’s volley is deflected over the bar. Marcus makes his presence known immediately.

48’ – Already looking lively and aggressive. Bad shot by Ibrahimavic. The man loves volleying with his leg parallel to the ground. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, I guess.

B – It’s LOUD in Old Trafford.


*DP joins the fray. The full complement of Bakery commenters have arrived!*


50’ – The game with a different tone now, as MU assert themselves in both the front and back.

51’ – Zlat with the silly foul – Yellow card given. That makes SEVEN for MU thus far.

 D – Questionable card there as he appears just to nick him on the heel.

53’ – Another yellow for Fellaini. Things getting chippy.

  • Substitute on: Fernando replaces Iheanacho up front
  • Iheanacho with a solid contribution. 1 goal, 1 assist in just over 50 minutes.

54’ – Sterling dispossessed in the final third but MC regain possession via a Stones interception.

56’ – Bravo with a clumsy touch leads to a collision with Rooney.

 B – Announcers calling for a penalty, but I don’t see it. Bravo got ball before anything. Poor job by Bravo.

 D – spikes in the sky. You’ve got to call that.

 B – True. Lucky they aren’t level.

58’ – There are calls for a handball as a MU cross comes into the box, but no call is given. Much to the chagrin of Rooney.

60’ – Substitution – On comes Leroy Sane for his MC debut. 19 years old! Entering for another youngster Sterling.

61’ – KDB with a left footed attempt from inside the box, stopped safely by De Gea

62’ – Rashford with a risky tackle on the touch line. Out of bounds.

63’ – Rooney with the low roller from distance. He pushes it wide left.

 B – I like what I’ve seen from Rooney at times. Despite my criticism. He works well in the midfield. Pogba however is nowhere to be found. Zero impact. Few touches. Où es-tu, Paul?

65’ – MC now moving the ball around on the in the attacking third.

 D – Good Chemistry between the front line. Sane jiving well already.

66’ – A Stones clearance sees the ball safely out of bounds after a poorly designed MU attack.

 D – This is the time that we’ll be instituting the Zlatan Volley counter for you all to follow along at home.

 B – MU with 10 shots on goal now. Though only 3 on target.

68’ – Leroy Sane with his first look. A quick touch or two before lofting it directly to de Gea.

70’ – What a ball to Rashford who is off to the races, beats his defender and lets it fly.

Brought back after an offside call as a result of a deflection the shot took off Zlatan. At 6’5” it’s hard NOT to hit him with the ball.

72’ – MC with chances on three straight corners. De Gea coming up big. MC, nothing to show for their dominance in the last 4-5 minutes.

D – Potential concern for a penalty here after Bailly takes out otamendi in the box

B – Definitely could have been called. Clattenburg letting them play.

75’ – Sane on the front foot. Leaves off to KDB who strikes it perfectly but it glances off the bar. What luck that is?

76’ – Man City refusing to take foot off the gas pedal. Meanwhile ManU are forcing balls in from the wings.

  B – After that flurry of attempts City now has 6 shots on target to to MU 3. They have had some golden opportunities.

78’ – KDB free kick. Poorly taken – over the bar.

 B – Martial coming on. But for who? Fellaini maybe to give them another attacking option with 11 minutes to go.

80’ – excellent sharing of the ball by the MC attackers. Some real fluidity there. Nolito given ample chances for attempts on goal but nothing comes of it.

81’ – Martial on at LB for Luke Shaw.

 B – Interesting move there from Mourinho putting him at the back no? Might be too little too late with less than 10’ to go.

83’ – Rooney with a foolish slide tackle on Bravo. Even if Claudio embellished. Clattenburg shows the yellow. Perhaps a bit of retaliation from the previous foul.

Live stats: 19 total fouls, 5 yellows with 6 min to go. Do these teams not like each other?

84’ – Otamendi having a head wound bandaged by the medical staff.

   B – Kolarov looking like Derek Fisher out there.

86’ – Fernandinho with essentially a 1v1 but Bailly recovers to deflect it OOB

87’ – A flurry of balls in the box for MU but nothing comes of it. Poor work from Martial on a missed volley.

88’ – Bailly has been phenomenal in the middle. Several perfect challenges on KDB and company. That one is no different.

89’ – KDB calling for a sub. Hamstring issue.

  B – Good thing I just let him go in fantasy.

90’ – Zabaleta comes on for KDB.

  B – Zabaleta looks like a Bond villain.


Stoppage Time

5 Minutes!

1’ – Here we go.

B – Can MU break down Stones and company to even it up and steal a point?

3’ – Ibrahimovic strikes another volley, but it’s lofted wide.

4’ – Pogba buffets Bravo. Foul.

5’ – Seconds are waning for MU’s hopes. One last chance for MU. Pogba gets his foot on the ball, but it’s deflected by the MU defender. And there’s the whistle from Mark Clattenburg.

Full Time

Final Score: Manchester City – 2     Manchester – 1

Man City win one of the most exciting derbies in recent memory. Man U experience their first loss of the new campaign. Pep moves to 8W 3L 6D all time against Jose Mourinho. City deserve the three points and get the full complement of 12 points through 4 games.

B – On second look of that Bravo challenge on Rooney it looks like a foul. Studs up. Wasn’t trying to go for the ball. Should be a penalty. But hey that wasn’t the only chance that MU missed out on. Zlatan’s play was spotty despite the wondergoal. He missed badly on several shots. Where was Pogba? He had zero impact through the entire game after that huge shot in the early moments of the game. Maybe a little bit of stage fright during his first Derby? Both keepers played very well. De Gea kept them in the game with a couple fantastic saves in the 70-80’ range. Bravo showed why Pep brought him in. Active, played balls on the outer edges of the box and was integral to the first goal. His pass to Kolarov set off a chain reaction that led to KDB’s clinical finish in the 15th minute.


Man of the Match – Iheanacho with a goal (36’) and an assist filling in for the suspended Kun Aguero.

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