The Bakery’s Dope Art Series 1: Collen DuBose


This is the first post in several that I want to do highlighting art that I am really into. To kick off the series I will focus on my brother, Collen DuBose, who is a part-time artist, part-time conspiracy theorist living in Queens, NY. He’s been doing the art thing for a good while now, getting his BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design. He has a trippy, cerebral style that drips with its own uniqueness though is still restrained enough that you could hang his art in your dining room when grandma comes over. Using sharpies, spray paint, and acrylics among other materials he puts his work on any surface you can imagine – paper, cardboard, scrap wood, paint cans and more. He also uses Photoshop to edit and alter colors and designs for a lot of these pieces resulting in a great mix of physical and digital art.



Most artists in the social media era use IG, Snapchat, Facebook, etc to promote and sell their art in lieu of knowing the right people at a gallery and getting hooked up with a personal show. Collen uses social medias as well, but with a twist. Instead of selling his art, he drops his pieces around the city for people to take for free. On the back he leaves his Instagram and Tumblr handles for folks to follow him and to spread the word about his work. He calls it #FreeArtForAFollow or #fafaf and I think it’s a really dope idea. On that Obama 2008 grassroots campaign, Chance the Rapper giving away all his music for free type shit.

Here’s my niece helping him place a piece near the subway:


These are a few of my favorite joints from his Tumblr page:


If those tickle your fancy, check out the rest of his archive here: Collen B. DuBOSE Archive

Follow him on Instagram: @collendubose

And if you’re into clothes, check out the Etsy he runs with his gf, Danielle: Etsy

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