Friday Music Roundup: 10/28/16

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Here we have another round of new music to bump just in time for the spookiest of all weekends. In past years I’ve dressed up as Towelie from South Park, Gene from Bob’s Burgers, and Marty McFly. When I’m really trying to mail it in, though I don’t shave for a few weeks, throw on my rattiest, stained t-shirt and a bathrobe, and go as deadbeat dad complete with ankle bracelet. This year I’m going to be a younger version of DBD – a 27 year old Millenial in sweatpants who’s only plans in life are to binge watch the new season of Narcos and eat delivery Chinese and candy corn for three straight days.

I also want to take this time to posit that candy corn is fucking delicious and those who dislike it should try mixing them in a bowl with peanuts and report back on how much I blew your mind.

This week we’ve got the new Action Bronson single “DuRag vs Headband,” (I also recommend watching the accompanying music video), NGHTMRE’s classic “Gud Vibrations,” which finally made its way onto Spotty after what appears to be a drawn out sample clearance issue, and this super track called “19:11” by French artist Danger. Other tracks from Injury Reserve, Bearcubs, and Claude VonStoke, etc.


October 28th Update




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