Friday Music Roundup: 11/18/16

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I know. It’s been a long time. Nearly two weeks. A digital eternity.

A lot has happened in those two weeks, and I stepped away for a bit because I didn’t really listen to much music. You get it. It’s like when you took off that mental health day from work on a random Thursday, woke up late,  saw a matinee of Eat, Pray, Love by yourself, ate an entire pizza, and was in bed before the sun went down. Those days are needed even if you’re sitting there shaking your head like you’ve never done anything like that in your life.

Everyone needed some time to themselves.

Rather than just copy/paste my Spotify Discover Weekly, which may have sufficed, I didn’t want to cheat you out of a personally curated playlist. I opted to shut things down for a bit.

But in the words of Bryson Tiller, I’m back and I’m better!

Here is this week’s Music Roundup Playlist:


And as always the Master Playlist of previous weeks:

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