UCL Corner: Fixture Forecast – Round of 16 Leg 1 (Part 2)


If last week proved anything, it’s that Dustin and I aren’t made for the predictions game. We were dead wrong on all but one of our picks. Barcelona handling PSG, wrong; Dortmund waxing Benfica, wrong. We both also foolishly predicted draws in the other 2 games, myself calling a 3-3 shooting between Madrid and Napoli, wrong; and Dustin with a desperation 2-2 pick between Bayern and Arsenal, also very wrong.

Despite our poor showing in the first four games, we’re going to to take a crack at predicting the other four 1st Leg match-ups. Forgive us if you actually decide to put money down on these predictions (I would highly recommend against it).

Look out for a podcast on Thursday night to cover all eight Leg 1 games as well as some FA Cup ties.


3 comments on “UCL Corner: Fixture Forecast – Round of 16 Leg 1 (Part 2)”

  1. Good predictions for this week’s CL edition.
    Although, i wouldn’t get my hopes up for Manchester City winning vs Monaco.
    If anything, Monaco is really capable of grabbing a good result this year more than ever.

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