Friday Music Roundup: March 9th Edition

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In high school, I played basketball. Every year we sold hoagies and frozen pizzas before the season to pay for our team shoes. My senior year we got a pair of blue and white Nike Air Max Elites. They were dope shoes. On a particular away game I took a Sharpie and wrote “Throw Some D’s” on the edge of the soles thanks to Rich Boy’s hit single being the only song my friends and I were listening to at the time. I immediately ruined those shoes you’re thinking, and in retrospect, I would almost agree. Thankfully, though, as the year went on I stopped listening to Rich Boy and started listening to a lot more Notorious BIG. I slowly added Biggie lyrics to the sides, top, tongue, and strap of the shoes. They became an ode to BIG and barely escaped being a Rich Boy homage.

Today is March 9th, the day Biggie died in Los Angeles 20 years ago. The beginning of March is always a nostalgic time for me as it reminds me of the end of my final high school basketball season and graduation right around the corner. Now 10 years later, I’ve spent each March 9th listening to Ready to Die and Life After Death and the other posthumous works that have come out in the last 20 years. My way of paying respect to the greatest. I still have those kicks somewhere in my closet, too.

Here are a few of my favorite Notorious BIG tracks.



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