Farewell Melo Trimble

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Today is a sad day, but also a happy day. Melo Trimble, the junior guard for the Maryland Terrapins has declared for the NBA Draft. I’m sad that he’ll be leaving, but also happy that he gave us three amazing years of shots like this:

And made small children look like this:

Because of shots like this:

Image result for melo trimble wisconsin gif

(Do yourself a favor and watch the full video here. Dan Dakich’s “Too late.” line is my favorite part.)


Unlike last year Trimble will hire an agent effectively ending his amateur status and eliminate any chance of him returning for his senior year.

There will likely be a lot of Terps fans who lament this decision and criticize him for taking a chance at a career in the NBA, but I’d like to tell those people that they’re selfish and hypocritical. Melo could have come back as a senior, yes. Maryland would have immediately been a preseason top 15 team. He also would have had a shot at breaking the Terps scoring record currently held by Juan Dixon. But the truth is his NBA stock probably isn’t going to get any higher than it is right now. He’s 22, he’s probably close to graduating anyway, why not take a shot at being drafted and if he doesn’t get picked he could catch on with a team in training camp, sign with a D-League squad, or play overseas? All three of those options come with a paycheck. Something he can’t get with another year in College Park (Although the buffalo chicken wraps from the North Campus Diner are MONEY).

I think three years of Melo Trimble was more than enough. Three seasons is two more than people were expecting after his monstrous freshman year. And it’s one more than I expected after he waited until 11 pm on the day of the Draft submission deadline to withdraw his name from draft considerations and return for his junior year. We have been lucky.

Melo Trimble is the best thing to happen to Maryland basketball since Greivis Vasquez left. He single-handedly transitioned the Terps out of a strange post-Gary Williams era and has given Mark Turgeon a ton of credibility moving forward (whether you think he deserves it or not). I respect his decision and you should, too.

I’m just happy I got to watch a local kid play at the school he rooted for growing up. He hit huge shots at huge moments and won a ton of games. We are forever indebted.

Just think, at least he’s not Jordan Williams.


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