Month: April 2017

The Bakery Podcast Ep. 25 – 4/19/17

We’ve hit the quarter century mark at the perfect time. Episode 25 is a comprehensive review of the Champions League quarterfinals. We cover Juventus’ systematic demolition of Barcelona in consecutive clean sheets, Real Madrid overcoming an early deficit to put away a Bayern team that finished a man down in both fixtures along with Leicester’s

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The Bakery Podcast Ep. 24 – 4/5/17

In Episode 24 (KOBE!), Dustin and I discuss Premier League matchdays 30 & 31, digging into Arsenal’s uneven play, Manchester United’s propensity for draws, Chelsea’s surprising loss to Crystal Palace over the weekend and Tottenham’s three-goal onslaught against Swansea in stoppage time. We also try to understand why we seem to always skip over Liverpool despite

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