UCL Fixture Forecast – Quarterfinals Leg 1

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It’s time to get down to business. The quarterfinals of the UEFA Champions League begin today at 2:45pm EST. First, two titans of the soccer world in Barcelona and Juventus face off in Game 1 while Borussia Dortmund looks to knock out the upstarts of Monaco in Game 2. Tomorrow Leicester City try to continue their Cinderella run but face a monumental task in beating last year’s runners-up Atletico Madrid. And finally, in Game 4, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich square off in what could end up being a better match than the championship game in June. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. These four games are all undeniably intriguing. My only complaint is that they are played in pairs with the exact same start time so you won’t be able to completely focus on each game, but hey if we can do it for March Madness we can cope here, too.UCLQ-1UCLQ-3UCLQ-4UCLQ-2

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