Month: June 2017

Twenty Years of Harry Potter

A story: One day in mid-June 1997 my dad brought home a strange hardback book for my 8th birthday. Much like Vernon Dursley, I was initially skeptical and unfairly prejudiced. This book looked weird. On the cover was a bespectacled teenage boy wearing a rugby shirt and what appeared to be a crimson cape riding a… broom?

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The Penguins Pull It Out

Last night, the Pittsburgh Penguins clinched back-to-back Stanley Cups in Game 6 in Nashville. Winning a Stanley Cup is a difficult and trying pursuit that requires immeasurable amounts of injury luck, physical resilience, puck bounces, and above all else elite play from an entire team –  #1 forward to #6 defenseman – over the course

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The Bakery Podcast Ep. 28: 6/10/17

The Bakery Podcast returns for Episode 28! The domestic soccer season has come to an end, a Champions League winner has been crowned, and the transfer market rumor mill has already begun churning. Now we face a summer filled with a lot of baseball (ugh), Confederations Cup matches, and deflating DC United losses. Despite those

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