Mixtape Tuesday: Barclay Crenshaw – “Transmission 002”

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If you know me, you are probably aware of my undying affinity for the gigantic, lovable, Hodor-like house producer, Claude Vonstroke. Vonstroke or CVS as he’s often called is the founder and godfather of the Dirty Bird movement. His sound has spawned countless imitators while his Dirty Bird label has cultivated a host of young up-and-coming artists.  He is at the top of the underground electronic world. Claude is supremely famous and popular without having to sell his soul to label executives or feature a pop star on his hooks or make a jingle for M&Ms.

Despite being ranked as America’s Best DJ, CVS has recently taken a step away from his electronic alter-ego to focus on a profoundly different musical pursuit: Hip-hop. And good god is it beautiful. CVS has also opted to use a pseudonym for his new pursuit, Barclay Crenshaw, which also happens to be his birth name.

His self-titled debut album was officially released in January, which a hip-hop head’s dream come true. Featuring the likes of The Cool Kids, The Underachievers, Mr. Carmack, Aviella, and more this initial release burns hotter than the glare of a thousand suns. Before the new year, however,  Crensehaw teased the masses in December with a mixtape titled “Transmission 001 Mixtape,” which featured several of the cuts from that official debut plus tracks from A Tride Called Quest, MF Doom, DJ Shadow, and Salva.

Now almost 7 months later, the second iteration of the Transmission series has arrived. This new mix includes exclusive Barclay Crenshaw production, several remixes of cuts from the debut album, a bootleg of the icon “Eric B. Is President,” a Royce Da 5’9″ snippet,  and a remix of Bon Iver’s 715 – CRΣΣKS by Crenshaw himself. An outrageous teaser of what I hope will be a second Barclay Crenshaw project.

Stay tuned for more.

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