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Friday Music Roundup: DAMN. Edition

Happy Friday. Happy 4/14/17. Happy Kendrick Lamar Day. Last night, Kendrick released his fourth studio album DAMN. and the internet collectively rejoiced. It opens with a George Clinton snippet, “Is it wickedness? Is it weakness? You decide.” setting an ominous tone for rest of the album. What follows is a story of Kenny helping a blind woman who

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Friday Music Roundup: 3/31/17

Last night Kendrick Lamar dropped his second song in less than a week called “HUMBLE” immediately giving me the worst (and best) case of stank face in years. It features a ferocious beat reminiscent of 2001 Dre mixed with Watch the Throne-era Kanye and a simpler, more direct delivery from the BEST-RAPPER-ALIVE. The music video that

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